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SfButton is an input that allows for user-triggered actions when clicked or pressed. This can be used for submitting forms, opening/closing dialogs, and much more.


Button sizes

SfButton supports 3 sizes that can be set with the size prop: 'sm', 'base', 'lg'.

Button variants

SfButton supports 3 style variants that can be set via variant prop: 'primary', 'secondary', 'tertiary'.

This component can be used as a link (or any other tag) that can be set via the tag prop.

Button block

You can create a full-width button with Tailwind's w-full class.

Button truncation

You can truncate button content with Tailwind using max-w- and truncate classes.

Button content

SfButton provides prefix and suffix slots that you can use to add custom content before/after your default content. This can be useful for adding icons or badges to your buttons.

Accessibility notes

Button component can be rendered as <button> or <a> or any other tag by providing it with prop tag. When rendered as <button> this component applies default type='button' if no other type is passed as a prop.

Avoid using buttons to navigate the page. Use links or tabs.

If you need to use Button with non-<button> tags like <div> you need to add role='button'. When this role is added to an element, the browser will send out an accessible alert event to assistive technology products which can then notify the user. You can override this behaviour by passing role prop by yourself.