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Prose styling

Prose styling

One of the prominent features of the Tailwind Typography plugin is the prose class. The prose class is designed to create a consistent and readable typographic style for large blocks of text, such as paragraphs, articles, blog posts, or any other content-heavy sections of your website.

When you apply the prose class to a container element, it automatically applies a set of carefully crafted styles to enhance the readability and overall aesthetics of the text. Examples of the mentioned styles can be found below.


Styles for <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and <h4> are applied out of the box when prose class is applied to the container.


To apply leading text style,lead class must be assigned to the chosen tag.


Simple paragraph styling.


For quotes, please use <blockquote> tag and <figcaption> for signature.


Figure is an example of image using <figcaption /> for capturing the picture.


Simple example of styling tables of contents.


Simple example of styling the lists.

Example content styled with prose