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Rating Forms

he e-commerce rating and review solution provides a platform for users to rate their e-commerce experiences. Users can assign ratings based on their satisfaction, product quality, delivery experience, and other relevant factors. These ratings offer valuable quantitative information that helps other potential buyers gauge the overall reputation and quality of products and services offered on the platform.

Product Rating

The Product Rating block serves as a basic yet effective solution for implementing a 1-5 stars rating system commonly used in eCommerce platforms. It enables users to easily express their opinion about a particular item or experience.

This block is implemented using SfRatingButton and SfModal components. If you need further customizations, see their docs pages.

Product Rating With Review

The Product Rating With Review block provides users with the ability to rate a product using a 1-5 stars scale and share their detailed review. Users can express their opinion and provide more valuable feedback on the product's features, quality, and overall experience. By default, it is designed as a dedicated page using a responsive grid layout. However, it can also be displayed within a Modal or a Drawer. This form block can be seamlessly combined with the Review Truncate / Show more block.