# Latest version - v0.9.2 🎉

# What is new?

👉 SfBanner - adding prop for button link and make SfBanner clickable on mobile

👉 SfCallToAction - adding prop for button link

👉 SfHero - adding prop for button link and make SfHeroItem clickable on mobile

# Props

Component Before v0.9.2
SfBanner - link
SfCallToAction - link
SfHero - link

# Fixes

# Atoms

  • SfArrow with transparent modifier on disabled mode
  • SfButton text modifier color changed
  • SfButton native link in disabled state
  • SfCircleIcon in disabled state with color modifier
  • SfImage: has null propagation that fails on compilation
  • SfInput: label on addition of placeholder value fix
  • SfTextarea: fonts and add SfTextarea to form example

# Molecules:

  • SfAddressPicker: doesn't react to "selected" prop changes fix
  • SfAddressPicker: doesn't emit any events fix
  • SfBanner: adding prop for button link
  • SfBar: button type for buttons
  • SfColorPicker: fix opacity affecting SfColor
  • SfGallery: error with enableZoom fix
  • SfModal: 'no preview' shows after clicking on button
  • SfPagination: stories fixed
  • SfSection: remove underline modifier
  • SfSelect: clicking on an option results in another being selected instead on MacOS
  • SfSelect: fix v-model and stories
  • SfSelect: border color change
  • SfSelect: unable to find uri in background

# Organisms:

  • SfCarousel: duplicated slides fix
  • SfCollectedProduct: color and background for remove button
  • SfFooter: menu opens without clicking on it
  • SfMegaMenu: confusing on theme, adding overlay
  • SfProductCard: isAddedToCart prop not changing icon fix
  • SfProductCardHorizontal: size and color change from property to select
  • SfProductCardHorizontal: storybook example has bug for hover links
  • SfTable: add thead element to SfTableHeading and tbody to SfTableRow to avoid ssr mismatch error

# Other:

  • adjust example pages styles to new design on figma
  • code of conduct added to docs
  • modifiers changed to action classes to adjust to current convention
  • apply new designs in storybook - category selection, sorting and page size in filters menu on mobile
  • jest tests console bugs fix
  • updated link to our new designs in figma
  • updated config for tailwind
  • changes in documentation