# Pull off SFUI components to your project

Here you can get to know how to pull off components form SFUI to your project. With just one command you can have all components and their styles, so that no need to worry about possible changes in API that may occur in the future.

# Required

  • Storefront UI added as a dependency to your project.

  • fse package added to your project with npm install fse -D or yarn add fse -D .

# How to copy components

In node_modules find @storefront-ui and go to its vue folder.

Once you're inside vue, run in your console npm copy-components (or if you use yarn: yarn copy-components) and that's all.

The whole process will start right after this command and when it ends, you can go back to your root directory and there you should find a new folder called storefrontUI with all components and styles.