# Stay up to date with the new releases

In this section we will add notes and info's about new changes and releases.

# Migration to v0.8.0

v0.8.0 has been released! 🎉

# Why you should migrate?

What is new?

👉 new SfColorPicker component

👉 SfHeaderNavigation component

👉 changed SfImage API allowing to use srcset prop

👉 manual on how to use Tailwind css with Storefront UI was added

👉 open all items in SfAccordion by default by passing open="all"

👉 slot for button in SfScrollable was applied

👉 prop icon added in SfSearchbar to customize size and color of the icon

👉 new component SfComponentSelect added with all current functionality and SfSelect component changed to native

ℹī¸ for more details see our CHANGELOG.md

# Dependencies update

As always what is first, update your package.json by changing your current version:

"dependencies: {
    "@storefront-ui/vue": "^0.8.0"

# Deletions

  1. removed viewport addon on Storybook

# Additions

  • Components
  1. SfColorPicker
  2. SfHeaderNavigation
  3. SfComponentSelect - select component with current API
  • Props
Component Before v0.8.0
SfSearchBar - iconSize
SfSearchBar - iconColor
SfImage - srcset (String, Array)
SfAccordion open (String) open ("all")
SfSearchBar - icon (Object)

# Changes

  1. SfCheckbox moved from atoms to molecules
  2. Deprecated method contains in tests was replaced by classes or find methods
  3. SfScrollable slot for show/hide button was added
  4. SfSelect changed to native select with error messages and native placeholder

# Release notes