# Why Storefront UI ?

@storefront-ui/vue is a UI component library that ships raw source, and aims to be:

  • Developer-friendly
  • Customization-first and
  • Performance oriented

Below you can find information about key concepts behind the project.

# Our core concepts

Storefront UI is designed and built based on two main concepts as below:

# StorefrontUI key characteristics

We are building Storefront UI based on the following 6 fundamentals:

  • Customization: Along with standard prop-based customization, every component has a set of slots that let you replace any part of it with your own images, icons or even custom HTML markup. You can also customize whole library from a single SCSS file by overriding set of variables.
  • Mobile-first: Every Storefront UI component is highly optimized for mobile user experience and in many cases behaves completely different on desktop and mobile. Select list becomes full-screen drop-down, tabs are becoming accordion etc.
  • Performance: You’re importing ONLY what you need, and in a raw format which means you can benefit from all build-time optimizations like tree shaking or grouping common chunks. Unused components are treeshaked and global CSS is just < 0,1 kB unminified. Thanks to this initial footprint of the library is unnoticable. You can use the library for how many components you want, even a single slider. You bundle only what you import.
  • Best practices: Storefront UI components follow best practices in terms of design and core. Every component is based on the Google Retail UX Playbook and is accessibility-friendly.
  • E-commerce: As a UI library dedicated to eCommerce, Storefront UI along with standard UI components has all the elements necessary for building modern online stores.
  • Open Source: Storefront UI is a community effort to deliver the best possible experience to modern web applications and e-commerce shops, with carefully crafted components following best practices. Our team consists of agencies and volunteer contributors from all over the world.